Fantasy Shi Tzu

Green Lake, WI 54941, United States
474-498 Bayview Court Green Lake Wisconsin 54941 US

I am a firm believer that careful planning, breed knowledge, is key to any successful breeder/exhibitor.  There is so much more to be learned about our breed via exhibiting them. I joined the American Shih Tzu Club in 1989. I have included pictures and information below of many of the wonderful more highly prized Best in Show Shih Tzu I’ve bred.  Additionally, I have had the pleasure of owning other wonderful Shih Tzu bred by terrific breeder fanciers, sponsored them to their championships.  The opportunity to carefully select the sires and dams, attend to every litter, take time away on the weekends to exhibit my Tzu, has been afforded to me by my family and friends over the years.

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